Commercial Storage

Peace of Mind Self Storage provides storage and other services to businesses of all sizes and types.

Three reasons cited by our business and commercial customers when asked the question “Why Self-Storage?” are:

  • My square foot office space is expensive. I can store files, equipment, backup computer files
  • I’m a small plumber, I can work out of my 20×40 self-storage unit. Keep all my supplies in the unit
  • I use it as a distribution center. I also store extra product and sales supplies. Peace of Mind accepts package deliveries from all my suppliers.

Through the use of self-storage, businesses are often able to operate in a much more efficient and effective manner. Whether you are looking to expand or cut back self-storage provides flexibility for your office supplies, office documents, or warehousing needs. 24-hour access, seven days a week.

The most common uses for businesses include:

  • Freeing up office space
  • Storing excess supplies, furniture, equipment, samples or exhibition displays
  • Fulltime or seasonal stock storage or bulk purchasing
  • Storing items during a renovation or moves
  • Small scale distribution center (note: selling from a unit isn’t allowed)

Through Peace of Mind Records Management, documents, business records, and files can be stored for a “per box” price. Click Here to learn more!