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Peace of Mind Self Storage provides storage and other services for businesses of all sizes.  Through the use of a self storage facility, businesses are often able to operate in a much more cost effective manner.  Two reasons often cited by businesses when asked the question of "why self storage" are:


        Office space is expensive, why use expensive office space to store archived files when there is an inexpensive alternative; self storage also provides for the storage of offsite backup files.


        Why take on the burden of increased overhead costs when establishing a remote distribution center, it makes more sense to use inexpensive and flexible self storage.


Self storage is a great solution for all types and sizes of business. Whether you're looking to store because you're expanding too fast or want to cutback on your normal office and warehousing commitments for short periods, then you'll probably find an answer in self storage. It's proved to be such a successful business logistics solution that an increasing number of businesses have cut back their office space to a bare operating minimum and are using self storage to keep everything that isn't needed on a daily basis in one place with easy 24 hour access. 


The most common uses for businesses include:


        Archiving documents, files and paperwork - Free Pick-up and Delivery


        Freeing up office space by storing items that aren't needed on a daily basis


        Storing excess office furniture and equipment


        Storing stock, either full-time or on a seasonal basis.


        Storing office equipment and files during a move.


        As a small-scale distribution center.


        As a store for excess stock, reps' sales samples and display or exhibition equipment


        Storing office supplies, allowing businesses to buy in bulk and gain discounts.


Free Pick-up and Delivery


Peace of Mind Self Storage takes the storing of archived business files to a whole new level with free pick-up and delivery of archived files.  Businesses taking advantage of this service organize files that are to be archived into numbered boxes.  When the business requires certain files they simply call Peace of Mind Self Storage the number of the box they are looking for and we bring it to them; when they are finished with the respective boxes Peace of Mind Self Storage takes them back to the facility and packs them back into the unit.  Obviously, the business needs to know what box a certain file is in; however, this hurdle is easily overcome by organizing and maintaining a record of which files are in which boxes (something every business should do anyway to save time and prevent employees from having to search through multiple boxes of files to find the one they are looking for).  Of course you will always be able to come to the facility and access your unit directly.  


Self Storage allows your business documents to be kept in good order and you'll be able to access them whenever and however often you wish.  The use of self storage for archiving has proved very popular across various business areas, including:






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